Great White North Breweriana Membership Registration

Membership registration

All Great White North Brewerianists memberships are offered on a calendar year basis, which is valid from January 1 to December 31. Our yearly membership is $10.00 per year (beginning January 1) and includes two full colour newsletters which will be emailed to you in a PDF format. A second option is an annual membership of $15.00 per year in which you will receive a full colour paper hard copy of each newsletter during the calendar year. 

For more information regarding club membership, please contact Rob at

To join the Great White North Brewerianists, please download our Membership Application Form PDF file (or Word document):

You can either:

  • Complete our Membership Application Form and email it to the email address attached (; or
  • Print out and complete our Membership Application Form and mail it, along with your cheque to:
    • The Great White North Brewerianists 
      74 Kennington Bay
      Winnipeg, Manitoba
      Canada R2N 2L2

You are welcome to pay for your membership at the next meeting in person. Membership gives you access to the club’s award winning annual newsletter (Paw Prints), published two times a year. See below for more information on our newsletter.

*To ensure you do not lose the information completed on the form, please save the PDF or doc to your computer and email it as an attachment to Rob at Alternatively, an ‘Email’ and ‘Print’ button have been provided in the PDF. Feel free to bring a printed copy of the form to any one of our future meetings.

Our Newsletter

An annual subscription to GWN gives you our club’s high quality newsletter (Paw Prints), published two times a year. Our newsletter was voted the # 1 Chapter newsletter in North America by the B.C.C.A. in 2011.

Each full colour issue is packed with articles and photos on the history of brewing in our region, as well as highlighting various aspects of collecting breweriana, and stories of interest within the hobby. We offer articles from members giving overviews of their trips to breweries and trade shows from across North America. We also feature ongoing news from the brewing industry in Canada (e.g. introduction of new breweries, brands, labels, etc). Also included in our newsletter is:

· Member profile features;

· News about our club's events; and

· Information from other chapters across the continent.

Welcoming future members

The Great White North Brewerianists club is a Manitoba based group, which is headquartered in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada.

Membership to our chapter is open to any and all collectors worldwide. We eagerly accept anyone interested in all forms of breweriana collecting and sharing in our hobby. Our goal is to unite individuals in the world of breweriana (both novice and experienced). Our intent is to facilitate a positive and harmonious experience resulting in lifelong friendships amongst all those associated with our organization.

Why should you join the Great White North Brewerianists?

By becoming a member of our long standing and still growing club, you are given the opportunity of receiving benefits, which are equaled to those of any other well established hobbyist club. There is a reason why we are Western Canada's largest breweriana club since 1988. Join us and see for yourself!

Our members collect breweriana from several categories found all around the globe. Through our passion, knowledge and vast networking system, we are an ideal group to assist collectors (at any level) to expand and grow their collections. From common items to hard to find treasures, we can connect collectors together to help advance one's search in obtaining that 'prized item'.

Across Canada and the United States, you will not only discover several local trading shows occurring each month, but you will also find annual national conventions (hosted by the A.B.A., C.C.B.A., B.C.C.A., N.A.B.A.) bringing together large numbers of collectors with a shared interest in the world of breweriana collecting. Each of these buy, sell and trade venues offers any individual an ideal means of acquiring items for one's collection.

Benefits of Membership to the Great White North

Club Membership Roster

Our annual roster is a complete, detailed directory of all active club members, which includes names, addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses and specific breweriana preferences that our members specialize in. This is an ideal resource to connect with individuals as a means of growing your personal collection and building lasting friendships with those of shared interests.

Access and notification to all club events

Membership offers information and news regarding all Great White North Brewerianists events held during the year. This information is not limited to just our club, but also includes:

  • Information from our affiliated chapter clubs;
  • National clubs (in Canada and the USA); and
  • Associations such as:
    • Breweries; and
    • Other hobby clubs.

National Convention information

Membership gives you the opportunity to attend annual conventions, which are held in a different North American city each year. One convention is held in Canada and three are held in the United States. These shows draw hundreds of collectors together from across the continent and offers the participant an incredible experience in meeting people with common interests, developing friendships and taking part in various events uniquely planned for each convention. While the breweriana is the main draw for any of these shows, it’s the people that make all of these shows most rewarding.


As a member of our group, you have access to a vast network base of breweriana collectors from around the world. From this network, you have the opportunity to meet like minded collectors, establish friendships, develop an appreciation for the hobby of breweriana collecting, and expand your collection.


As a member of the Great White North Brewerianists you will learn not only about the vast world of breweriana collecting. You will also discover all aspects of the rich world of beer from a local as well as an international level, such as

  • The mechanics of brewing;
  • Beer categories;
  • Beer tasting;
  • Food pairings; and
  • The history of beer.

Speaking of history, two of our very own club members are the authors of Manitoba's premier and most comprehensive book about the history of beer and beer making in the province of Manitoba. 300 Years of Beer: An Illustrated History of Brewing in Manitoba is an amazing resource to discover brewing in Manitoba. The reader is sure to discover fascinating stories about local breweries and amazing trivia from our province.

Monthly Raffles

By being a member of our club and attending our monthly meetings, you have the opportunity of participating in raffles held at each meeting to acquire various forms of breweriana to add to your collection or trade with a fellow collector.

Brewery Meetings

Fully paid members in good standing with the Great White North Brewerianists are allowed to participate in "closed" meetings at our local breweries. These meetings allow members to participate in tours of the brewery and sample their brews. These are very popular and well attended meetings guaranteed to offer a great time.

For more information on breweriana, see Canadian Breweriana Collecting.

For more information on The Great White North Brewerianists, see Who are The Great White North Brewerianists.