The Great White North Brewerianists

Since 1988, the Great White North Brewerianists has been dedicated to collecting and preserving all forms of breweriana related items from Canada and around the world.

We are connected with similar clubs worldwide, sharing in the passion history and education of this hobby, as we strive to preserve a unique slice of history.

Our club members regularly engage in a variety of events throughout the year, fostering friendships with fellow collectors, while increasing the public's knowledge to the rich history of breweriana collecting and the vast world of beer.

Future meetings to be announced. Due to current provincial Covid regulations, we will assess upcoming meetings and annual events on a continuous basis to determine suitable dates and locations. As we endeavour to resume a regular schedule for 2021 and beyond, the Great White North will continue to follow provincial health guidelines, recommendations and regulations to ensure all of our members and supporters are kept safe during this very challenging time. We sincerely thank everyone for their continued patience and support of the Great White North Brewerianists.

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